Aakriti KC - Georgia ( Vance Joy - Cover ) / Live N' Raw

Aakriti KC's feelings and emotions inspire her to sing or play ukulele. When she is involved with music, she feels calm and relieved. For her life is not something that she can define in simple words, she adds, "I'm still learning new things about my life every day. But I would say that I live to be surrounded by art, beauty and good people. I try to live in the moment and make good memories and try not to stress about the little things." She chose the song as it makes her feel peaceful and nostalgic at the same time. She explains, "This was also the first song I chose to learn finger picking when I bought my ukulele. The melodies in the song sound magical and I feel pure bliss when I play it." Do you have a Original song to share with the audience? Live n' raw is the right platform to do. If you want to participate, you can send us your original song along with its audio format on our Facebook Page Or you can send us your song at Producer: Ishan Maharjan​ Graphics: Binaya Kansakar & Ishan Maharjan​ Cameraperson: Roman Manandhar​ Video Assistant: Kritagya Shrestha Edit: Ishan Maharjan Logistic: Kishor Thapa