Aankha - Spoken Words | Dipesh Ray

Dipesh Ray is from the engineering field who thinks a lot and asks many questions to himself. For him, life is a collection of memories; a journey and gaining experiences. According to him, his poem is his conversation or questions to himself. Dipesh got his inspiration to write this poem from within; when he was thinking about a particular thing too much and he had doubts about it. He says, “I wanted to get off those feelings. I wanted to ask myself why I was hurt. Maybe only my eyes could explain.” Hence, he has concluded the poem with the thought to leave it and move on. Written and Performed by Dipesh Ray Share your creations through Spoken Words with Radio Nagarik. Connect with us to share your writing along with audio, on our Facebook Page or at Producer: Ishan Maharjan​ Graphics: Binaya Kansakar​ Graphics: Ishan Maharjan Cameraperson: Roman Shrestha​ Edit: Ishan Maharjan Logistic: Kishor Thapa