जप्न छोडिदेउ मरेपछि छोरा चाहिन्छ - Spoken Words | Sneha Dabadi

Sneha Dabadi finds life in the shades of a rainbow. "As seven different colors provide beautiful scenery, likewise, there are different components in life happiness, sadness, success, failure, etc. which sum up to give its perfect meaning," says Sneha. Her poem is about the gender based discrimination found in our society. She adds, "Growing up as a girl in a society which demands at least one son in a family inspired me to write this poem." Share your creations through Spoken Words with Radio Nagarik. Connect with us to share your writing along with audio, on our Facebook Page or at Producer: Ishan Maharjan​ Graphics: Binaya Kansakar & Ishan Maharjan​ Cameraperson: Roman Manandhar​ Kritagya Shrestha Edit: Ishan Maharjan Logistic: Kishor Thapa