नाम नभएको सम्बन्ध - Spoken Words Season 3 | Subash Bhujel

Subash Bhujel interprets life as a journey of highway as it brings the unexpectedness of happiness, sadness and sometimes you overtake or sometimes other overtakes. He defines love to be all about trusting each other in any condition and encouraging each other for good things. He says that her writings are inspired by the real happiness and sadness he have suffered before. He expresses to feel lively while seeing his family’s happy faces for his achievements. He adds, “The purpose of words is to create mutual understanding between two parties”. Share your creations through Spoken Words with Radio Nagarik. To share your creation do fill the form: Producer: Ishan Maharjan ​ Graphics: Binaya Kansakar & Ishan Maharjan​ Cameraperson: Roman Manandhar​ Kritagya Shrestha Edit: Ishan Maharjan Logistic: Kishor Thapa