Priya Buwa ( प्रिय बुवा ) - Spoken Words | Asmita Gurung

Asmita Gurung believes life is all about exploring people, places, and circumstances. She adds, "The more you explore, the more you live." For her, every happy face which she encounters inspires her. "Happy faces/souls inspire me to be happy in each and every situation of my life." The poem too is her exploration of life. Written and Performed by Asmita Gurung Share your creations through Spoken Words with Radio Nagarik. Connect with us to share your writing along with audio, on our Facebook Page or at Producer: Ishan Maharjan ​ Graphics: Binaya Kansakar & Ishan Maharjan​ Cameraperson: Roman Shrestha​ Video Assistant: Kritagya Shrestha Edit: Ishan Maharjan Logistic: Kishor Thapa